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Weight Loss: Changing Your Feelings About Hunger

The human mind and body were not made for modern living. For most of us westerners, food is available in abundance and physical strain can be avoided whenever we desire. Our instincts tell us to maximize food intake and minimize energy output to prepare for when food and shelter are harder to come by. Knowing this, one thing we must take into account when approaching weight-loss is the way we think about hunger.

You’re probably familiar with the feelings that arise about food when you first start a diet. There is a sense of urgency to getting food that wasn’t there before. This sense is partially hunger, but it’s also anxiety. You’re brain is sending a distress signal to increase your motivation to consume calories because, in an evolutionary sense, your chances of survival go up if you store up as much fuel as possible. The result is that we gain weight and keep it on because that period of food scarcity never comes.

This cognitive dissonance is at the core of the stress involved in weight-loss. It’s confusing! Why is my body telling me I want all this food, when my rational mind knows that a more balanced diet will benefit me in the long run? The answer is to acknowledge where these feelings originate from: a human brain that didn’t evolve to know the difference between food we need and food we don’t need. Once we acknowledge and accept this fact, the problem becomes simpler; address the innate anxiety about hunger, and making healthier choices will become easier.

Reprogramming the mind is not an overnight endeavor though. Overriding our instincts requires repetition. This is where hypnosis can give you a leg up. Your conscious mind knows what to do. Your subconscious mind on the other hand, is still trying to help you survive in the wild. Hypnosis speaks directly to subconscious mind to help making rational health decisions feel more natural. Sticking with a hypnosis program to aid in your weight-loss effort will do wonders to decrease stress and increase your ability to succeed.

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