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Stop Smoking Hypnosis


Follow Us Stop smoking hypnosis can help you quit for good.  When do you light up a cigarette? If you’re a regular smoker, there are different times in the day when you habitually step outside for a smoke. You’ve just poured your morning cup of coffee. You’ve just eaten lunch. You’re done with dinner, or you’re out with friends having cocktails. These are just a few examples of trigger moments … Read More →

Orgasm Hypnosis


Follow Us Orgasm hypnosis will help you own your sexuality and increase your ability to orgasm. You are not alone in experiencing trouble orgasming. A large percentage of women have the same issue.  There are many things that can hold a woman back from orgasming, whether it’s self-doubt, judgement, shyness, or even just the buzz of the day preoccupying your thoughts. The key is orgasming is first to relax your … Read More →

Self Hypnosis For Weight Loss


Follow Us You may benefit more from self hypnosis for weight loss than you might think. Do you see a huge, fat slob when you look in the mirror, but your friends swear they see a waif in great shape? Do you think your face is horribly disfigured, though you know, intellectually, that it’s not? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you could be suffering from … Read More →

Meditate Through that Snack Attack


Follow Us   Are you a compulsive eater? Do you find that you head for the fridge when you’re feeling stressed or when you’re sad or lonely? Do you eat your emotions? Compulsive emotional eating is pretty common. From when you’re a little child through adulthood, you’re bombarded with advertisements that equate food with love, comfort, friendship, and camaraderie.   The billboard that shows a couple spoon-feeding each other ice … Read More →

Embrace Your Workout by Changing Your Mind


Follow Us Do you know someone who’s a gym junkie? Do you have a friend who just loves running, no matter how much it wears them out? Do you ever wonder how these people can love something that hurts so much? Sure, you understand that these exercise routines and workouts get results, but you like the results, not the process, right? These people seem to actually enjoy the process, and … Read More →

Are You and Your Partner Spiritually Connected?


Follow Us At some point or another, everyone has that relationship that seems like it should work, but it just doesn’t. The two of you are perfect for each other on paper. You want the same things out of life. You laugh at each other’s jokes. You enjoy one another’s company, but something’s missing. You can’t quite put your finger on it, but you just know that it’s not going … Read More →