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Letting Go of the Past through Hypnosis

The human mind is a wondrous thing. You build your views, perspectives, and outlooks on everything you’ve experienced in the past. Through experience and repetition, you learn how to predict certain outcomes. You know everything that you know through past experience.


You know that you prefer chocolate to vanilla ice cream. You know that math was always a more stimulating course than English for you, but your wife always preferred history when she was in school. Whether directly or indirectly, you build a view of the world through your past experiences, but what happens when you need to let go of something in your past?


If you can let go of a traumatic experience that’s been weighing you down, you’ll feel lighter and stronger. You’ll feel as though you can climb mountains and confront bullies, but how can you let go? Every time you think of this particular experience, you feel as though you’re right back there. You’re not in control, and you can’t seem to do anything about it.


Hypnotherapy is incredibly good for healing from this kind of trauma. When you are in a hypnotic trance, you’re completely focused and totally safe. By working with your hypnotherapist, you can go to the place in your mind where you’ve kept this past trauma, and you can work at it and learn to let it go.


There are other forms of therapy for letting go of the past, like confrontation therapy, in which you must recount the experience over and over again, reliving it in your mind until it no longer has a hold on you. These types of therapy, though, often involve a very traumatic process. Things seem to get worse before they get better. With hypnosis, you can let go of the past gently and smoothly, without the need for further trauma.


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