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Self-Hypnosis for Pain Relief

478576671If you’ve ever been to a birthing class, you’ve heard the instructor telling expectant mothers to breathe through the pain. When a child gets a shot at the doctor, she’ll tell him to look at a funny cartoon on the wall. In painful situations, distraction is almost always used for pain relief. Now, you may think that the distraction isn’t really part of the relief because the pain is still there, but it’s actually a huge part of relieving pain.

Your mind has everything to do with how you experience and manage pain. If you are completely focused on the pain, that’s all you’ll feel. Think of a time that you stubbed your toe really badly. You kicked a door, wall, or some object on the ground unexpectedly, and your world suddenly erupted in pain. If someone was around you, you probably didn’t even hear them ask you if you were okay.

Now, think of a time that you accidentally sliced your thumb or finger while chopping vegetables. That kind of wound seems not to hurt at first. You won’t even notice it for a moment. That’s because it takes a moment for your brain to really process what’s happened. Once your brain knows you’re hurt, you feel the cut.

If you are experienced in meditation and self-hypnosis, you could save your own life one day. Say, for example, that you’ve cut yourself very badly. No one is around, so you have to slow the bleeding as much as possible and call an ambulance. You need to keep your wits about you to get through this. If you succumb to the pain, you’re done for. If, on the other hand, you practice breathing deeply and keeping calm, you can use your experience in meditation and self-hypnosis to get through a potentially life-threatening situation.

Benefits of Deep Breathing

466349407Deep breathing is not only for those that are stressed out, but is for anyone who wants to take advantage of its relaxation powers. Deep breathing is exactly what it sounds like; breathing deep into your lungs and exhaling throughout your whole body. Many people have only correlated deep breathing with stress, but there are plenty of other uses for it.

Deep breathing strengthens your lungs

Have you ever thought about how deep breathing is done? You take a big breath in, hold it for a few moments, and let it all out. What are your lungs doing? They are stretching as you fill them with air and using its strength to keep the air inside. As you practice deep breathing, you are not only releasing stress or negative energies, you are strengthening your lungs.

Deep breathing clears your mind

Have you ever had to take a step outside when you were stressed or upset because you knew that the fresh air would calm you down? This is similar to how deep breathing clears your mind. If you take the time to breathe when you are upset or stressed out, it can release more oxygen to your brain, which means you will think more clearly. Take a step outside and breathe deep.

Deep breathing can be used for weight loss

If you are trying to lose weight, you have probably begun exercising. How do your lungs feel when you are exercising? If you are not used to it, they probably burn and sting. Deep breathing can prepare your lungs for a workout and is, in fact, a type of workout for your lungs and heart. Before you go for your daily run or walk, practice deep breathing in a comfortable position. It will make you feel more energized, prepared, and relaxed. While you are running, you will notice you have more stamina, strength, and peace because the deep breathing targets those feelings.

Deep breathing truly does help you more than you think and can benefit many areas of your life if you choose to practice it. Perhaps this is one reason yoga has become so popular in recent years. The practice of deep breathing and stretching is very beneficial for your mind, body, and spirit. purchase papers online


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