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Tips for Healthy Living


Follow Us A healthy lifestyle is about many things…it’s not just about healthy eating, it’s also about creating mental clarity, keeping your body strong and in tune, and finding joy and happiness. A healthy lifestyle is the whole package. Here are a few ways to create a healthier life for yourself: 1. Love yourself. This one may sound silly, but really think about it for a minute…on a scale of … Read More →

5 Ways To Help Yourself Heal From a Heartbreak


Follow Us It is a wonderful thing to fall in love, isn’t it? In fact, falling in love is one of the most blissful times in life, but falling out of love and experiencing a break up can be very heartbreaking. With half of marriages ending in divorce, there sure is a lot of heartbreak around. If you are suffering from a broken heart either from a relationship or some … Read More →

Meditation: Release the Past


Follow Us You are not your past…and today you choose to release your past and release old habits, things that do not serve you anymore…letting them go…because as human beings, we have the power to create our own futures, we have the power to heal ourselves and move on and embrace a future of happiness and success…healing and moving forward…cleansing your past, letting go of negative thinking, because there is … Read More →

Bypassing the Critical Factor


Follow Us Hypnosis (or hypnotherapy) works to help people in managing stress, dealing with trauma, and many other issues, but how does it work?   The most important aspect of hypnosis is what’s called “bypassing the critical factor.” This means that, through some means, the patient is guided into a trance state, where the critical portion of the mind does not distract the patient. The patient is so focused on … Read More →