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A Brief History of Hypnosis


Follow Us The concept of hypnosis is an interesting one that has run the gamut between religious and spiritual experiences, occult power, healing, and even magic for some. However, the history of hypnosis as we are aware of it today can be traced back to the Enlightenment period during the 18th century. It was at this time that hypnosis moved from the area of spiritual or occult practices into a … Read More →

Healthy Ways to Deal with Grief


Follow Us The grieving process varies from one person to the next, and what works for one person may not be effective for another. However, it is important to make sure that you are handling your grief in a healthy way, rather than one that may cause even more harm. Grief may be a natural process, but understanding the best ways to cope is something that many people never learn. … Read More →

Our Favorite Quotes about Success


Follow Us “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.” James Cameron “Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.” Chris Grosser “Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.” —Babe Ruth “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.” Eleanor Roosevelt “If you want to achieve excellence, you can get there today. As of this … Read More →