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How to Make Good New Year’s Resolutions

508196801The New Year is a time of renewal, which is why many people make resolutions for the coming year. However, as most of us have discovered, making New Year’s resolutions is quite easy, it’s the keeping them that makes things tricky. If you want to make resolutions, and actually stick to them, the following tips will help you be more successful in the coming year.


Put it in Writing – Writing something down adds a sense of finality, which is why policies, contracts, and other important items are in writing. Bring this same importance to your resolution by writing it down. Once written, make sure you keep it somewhere where you are sure to see it on a daily basis – just to make sure you don’t “forget.”


Reflect on the Past – Resolutions are sure to be more successful if you can explain why you are making them. As you reflect on the past year, think about things that happened, and the whys behind them. If there is an underlying theme behind negative occurrences, that may be the perfect start for a New Year’s resolution that you can stick with, and that will make you a better person.


365 Days – Keep in mind that there are 365 days in a year, so don’t try to cram everything into the first month or two. If you want to lose weight, understand that the process takes time. If you want to move up in your career, keep in mind that promotions take time as well. As long as you are doing the things needed to improve your chances, you are moving yourself towards reaching your goals.


Following these tips will help you come up with a resolution that you can stick with, and help you realize it as well.




Five Steps for Better Skin

453226503There are a number of factors that affect the look and feel of your skin, including diet, environment, cleanliness, and moisture levels. If you want to improve the look and feel of your skin, these five tips will help.


Moisturize – Your skin craves moisture, and it is very hard to over-moisturize. Slather on your skin-soothing moisturizers when you get out of the tub or shower to help seal in the moisture, and help your skin look radiant.


Retinoids – Use skincare products that contain retinoids. These products help to keep pores unclogged, help improve collagen production, and help the skin to retain its soft, smooth texture.


Ditch the Cigarettes – Smoking is not only dangerous to your health, it also promotes wrinkles and dryness. If you truly want to have better skin, stopping smoking is one of the best ways to get there.


Use Sunscreen – This is a no-brainer, but it begs repeating since it is so important. The sun causes significant skin damage, so you have to protect yourself from those harmful rays. You should also avoid tanning beds, as these also dry out the skin, and promote lines and wrinkles. Make sure to use sunscreen every day, even during the winter for best results and protection.


Limit Your Skincare Products – There are tons of skincare options available, but that doesn’t mean you have to try them all. Look for products that contain natural ingredients, and stick with them. Constantly changing your products means that you are upping your chances of irritation. Limiting your products to the basics will do wonders for your skin.

Beautiful skin does not have to be hard to achieve. Making a few changes in your routine can make a huge difference. When you take care of your skin properly, it will remain soft, smooth, and radiant for years to come.



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Meditation Suggestions: Peace Within

475700707There is natural calm and peace that flows through your body, and today you are getting in touch with that peace…today you are making the choice to live in peace and healing energy, to release from stress and anxiety, and embrace calm…because you on a path, a wonderful journey, and you know that everything happens for a reason, and so you have trust…and this trust leads to peace…you are master of your destiny…let this idea fill you with peace and comfort, calm and soothing…just let go and live in the now…and know there is a higher power watching over you, helping you on your path…it could be a spirit guide, or God, or whatever you believe in…someone is there for you, bringing you strength and deep inner peace…

Feel yourself grow more calm with every breath you take…be aware of your surroundings, but also in touch with peace…you create your world, and you create serenity…calm and focus radiate from your core…connect to it now…believe in it…you are powerful and create your mindset, your outlook on life…so let yourself release and give in completely to the harmony within…you are one with the universe around you, letting its serenity and energy flow through your body…peace and harmony flows through your soul, penetrating you so deeply that you know from now on, it will be a part of you, a new way of living…


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