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Five Major Benefits of Drinking More Water


Follow Us We all know that drinking water is good for us, but many of us still need more motivation โ€“ especially with all those other tasty beverages that are available. If you need more convincing to begin adding water to your day, the following major benefits should help push you in the right direction.   Water Helps Your Body Function โ€“ Around 70% of the body is made up … Read More →

Foods That Help You Lose Weight


Follow Us Losing weight is a top priority for many who are struggling with being overweight or obese. If you are tired of trying to follow restrictive, difficult to incorporate diets, there are other options. Many foods can actually help you lose weight, without the added inconveniences provided by many diets.   Protein-Packed Powerhouses โ€“ Protein is an essential part of having energy and building muscle, but it also helps … Read More →

Affirmations: Conquering Fear


Follow Us I will no longer let fear control my life or hold me back, today I will conquer it… I am safe and secure… My body and mind are relaxed and comfortable, letting go of any tension… Each deep breath I take fills me with confidence… I accept that fear is irrational and am releasing from it right now… I choose to be brave… Nothing will stand in the … Read More →