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What is Flotation Therapy?


Follow Us               After my first session I honestly thought it was magic. It was astonishing how short a time it took for very wonderful things to begin happening in my life. Not only was my overall sense of wellbeing heightened immediately (continuing days after the float), but my migraines practically vanished, and sleep cycle effortlessly rebooted. I haven’t given up yoga or a … Read More →

Affirmations: Own Your Power


Follow Us I am owning my power and celebrating who I am… Positive energy and well being flow through my body, strengthening me from my core… I let go of the past and any baggage, because I know it doesn’t serve me now… I surround myself with people who will lift me up and support me… My inner strength grows more and more every day… I am unique, an individual, … Read More →

Motivational Quotes for Confidence


Follow Us Confidence in yourself is important, especially when you are tackling a new project, trying to ace an interview, or simply keep your outlook positive. The following are some of the best motivational quotes to help you remain confident, and keep yourself on the right track. “Success is most often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.” – Coco Chanel “If my mind can conceive it, … Read More →

Tips to Create Rapport in Sales and Business


Follow Us The key to any successful sales or business transaction is rapport. When you can connect with your customers, you are able to increase their comfort levels, and help them develop increased trust and satisfaction in your brand. The following tips will help you create that rapport, and increase your sales and productivity.   Confidence – Confidence is the number one way to build a good relationship. However, there … Read More →