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Meditation Suggestions: Faith in Yourself


Follow Us Find faith in yourself today…believe in yourself, boost your self-confidence…because you are worth it…you deserve a life of love and happiness…you deserve love and light and peace and hope…you are a good person, full of conviction, a child of a higher being, brought here for a reason…there is so much good in you, in all of us…and when you truly believe that and embrace that positive self-confidence and … Read More →

Hypnosis and Test Anxiety


Follow Us Hypnosis is becoming a much more accepted form of treatment for a variety of problems and issues. One area in which this process has shown great potential is in dealing with test anxiety. Many students struggle with the testing process, and in many cases, the anxiety alone can lead to failure. Incorporating self-hypnosis into your studying and testing routines can make a big difference, and help you overcome … Read More →

Five Tips to Cool Frustration and Anger


Follow Us Anger and frustration are both normal, healthy emotions. However, if you are unable to control them, it can lead to disruptive and even violent behaviors that can harm yourself or others. If you are struggling with controlling these emotions, the following five tips will help you regain control before you do something you might regret. Change Your Focus – When you know you are angry, you can redirect … Read More →