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Morning Affirmations to Start Your Day Off Right


Follow Us   Not exactly a morning person? Here are some helpful affirmations that will energize your mornings and bring excitement and positive thinking so that you can start your day on the right foot. Repeat these out loud or in your mind for 5-10 minutes each morning, and you’ll amazed at the difference they make.   Today is going to be a great day, I can feel it with … Read More →

Giving Away 10 Free Audiobook Copies of Connect With Nature on Audible


Follow Us   Audible gave me 10 free coupon codes for my new audiobook Connect With Nature: Hypnosis & Meditation. So I figured I’d hand them out here on the blog to thank you for supporting Erick Brown Hypnotherapy! Here’s how to get your free audiobook (only for the first 10 people from the US.) Go to my audiobook’s page on CLICK HERE Add the audiobook to your cart. Enter the promo code, and … Read More →