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Tips to Create Rapport in Sales and Business

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The key to any successful sales or business transaction is rapport. When you can connect with your customers, you are able to increase their comfort levels, and help them develop increased trust and satisfaction in your brand. The following tips will help you create that rapport, and increase your sales and productivity.


Confidence – Confidence is the number one way to build a good relationship. However, there is a fine line between being confident, and coming across as cocky. Portray yourself as an easy-going person, and make sure to use friendly, courteous responses in everything you do.


Engage – Customers need to know that you really care about their problems and situations, not about their money. Engage with your customers by asking that will help you learn more about them, and their actual needs. Make sure to respond to their answers, and ask any of your own as follow-ups to make sure there is understanding for both parties.


Respect – When dealing with customers and clients, there will be times where you disagree. If you want to make sure that you build the best relationships, make sure to voice your arguments in a sincere, respectful way. Getting angry or louder will only push potential customers away, and send them running to the competition.


Bond – When conversing with clients, you may notice certain words or phrases that they use frequently. Adding a few of these to your own responses helps you to create a sense of camaraderie, and makes them feel more comfortable when speaking with you.


Pay Attention – Nothing shuts down a sales or business relationship faster than being distracted. This sends the message that you don’t care what the person has to say, and that there are other things you would rather be doing. Make sure to maintain eye contact, and limit distractions.




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