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Regression Therapy to Reframe Your Point of View

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  Age regression therapy is a hypnosis technique that allows a patient to gain access to childhood memories that may explain certain negative outlooks, self-perceptions, or actions in adulthood. Getting to the root of a problem is often the key to dealing with and solving that problem. Regression therapy is good for dealing with buried memories of trauma, but it can also deal with more mundane-seeming problems that are still … Read More →

The 7 Chakras


  1. Root Chakra The Root Chakra is related to feeling comfortable and at home. You can trust people more easily when it is open and feel connected to the present. 2. Sacral Chakra The Sacral Chakra is about sensual, passionate, and intimate openness to people. Honing the Sacral chakra will help with emotional and sexual stability. 3. Navel Chakra The Navel Chakra is connected to feelings of confidence and … Read More →

Favorite Motivational Quotes

Empower Yourself, Be the Best

  I thought I’d share a few of my favorite motivational quotes with you to start off your work week. I find these really helpful sometimes in place of affirmations. It can be really helpful to take a new quote each day and post it next to your mirror or on your fridge. Little reminders like that are a fun way to boost your self-esteem, motivation, and focus!   “Motivation … Read More →

The Importance of Letting Go

Personal Transformation

A lot of us carry around baggage from our past that doesn’t serve us anymore. That pain and old feelings weigh on us over time, and hold us back from moving forward. Many would even argue the opinion that stress is stored in the body from these negative feelings and experiences, and can be a root cause of many disease and illnesses. Today is the day you change that. Today is … Read More →

5 Easy Weight Loss Tips


Your road to weight loss doesn’t have to be extreme. In fact, sometimes it’s easier to start off with gradual changes…that way you get used to creating healthy habits and you’re more likely to stick with them. Here are some easy things you can do to lose weight without spending tons of money or crash dieting: 1. Drink Water. Most of us skimp out on our daily dose of H20, … Read More →

Meditation Suggestions: Healthy Eating & Weight Loss


Today I make a commitment to healthy eating… Today I make the choice to live healthy, lose weight, and create more energy for myself… I value my health and respect my body, and today I take action… I have no use for unhealthy habits, they do not serve me anymore… I release from unhealthy eating habits and embrace the healing and revitalizing energy that comes from eating good foods… My … Read More →

15 Tips to Rejuvenate Your Creativity


Creativity is not a gift bestowed to a select few before birth. Everyone is creative. It’s just that for some of us that creative spark may be buried under piles of bills, boring tasks, routines and responsibilities. Creativity needs to be nursed, cultivated and practiced. And there are many simple—and fun—ways to let your creativity loose, whether you’re interested in nurturing your hobbies or your business. You can apply creativity … Read More →

Why We Stop Dreaming Big.. and How to Fix it

Turn Your Dreams into Reality

What did you want to be when you grew up? I personally had all sorts of dreams.. firefighter, veterinarian, famous actor. But somewhere along the way, our dreams change. We get told growing up that certain things are more possible than others, that we should “be practical”. And so the self-doubt and second-guessing goes, and we start to let go of those big dreams and we modify them to something … Read More →

5 Hypnosis FAQs


Here are 5 commonly asked questions that we get here at Erick Brown Hypnosis: What is hypnosis and hypnotherapy? -Hypnosis is a natural state of consciousness that you probably experience many times a day without realizing it. In this state of focused concentration, your mind pays attention to something other than what’s in your immediate surroundings. The hypnotic state can occur while you read a book, watch TV, listen to … Read More →

Affirmations to Boost Your Confidence

The New You

Increase your confidence daily with these affirmations. Start them with in the morning when you wake up…tape them to your mirror, your fridge, or even your coffee pot. Don’t feel like you have to use them all. Pick and choose the ones that resound within you, and use them as your “confidence mantra”. Repeat them throughout your day as needed for a confidence boost!   Confidence flows through my body… … Read More →


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