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The Ultimate Weight Loss Collection Vol. 2

The Ultimate Weight Loss Collection Vol. 2


Price: $24.99

4 hypnosis programs in 1!

Lose weight, get in shape, and feel confident in your body with this collection.

This collection of hypnosis recordings includes four programs specifically designed to help you lose weight and create healthier living habits that will serve you long-term.

The collection includes the following tracks:

Track 1: Hypnosis Instructions

Track 2: “Stop Binge Eating" Beach Induction

Track 3: “Stop Binge Eating” Speed Induction

Track 4: “Weight Loss: Boost Your Metabolism” Beach Induction

Track 5: “Weight Loss: Boost Your Metabolism” Speed Induction

Track 6: “Runner's Hypnosis" Beach Induction

Track 7: “Runner's Hypnosis” Speed Induction

Track 8: “Changing Bad Habits" Beach Induction

Track 9: "Changing Bad Habits" Speed Induction

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