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The Ultimate Weight Loss Collection

The Ultimate Weight Loss Collection


Price: $24.99

Special Offer: 4 hypnosis albums for less than the price of 2!

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Lose weight, get in shape, and feel confident in your body with this collection.

This collection of hypnosis recordings includes four programs specifically designed to help you lose weight and create healthier living habits that will serve you long-term.

In the collection, you get:

Healthy Weight Loss & Self-Esteem

Create healthy habits for weight loss and diet, and increase your confidence. You can get healthy in a safe and natural way with this program!

Raise Your Energy Level

Naturally boost your energy and feel more productive and motivated. You can start your morning on the right foot and carry energy and a positive attitude with you through your whole day with this best-selling program.

Strengthen Your Body & Mind

Clear away the cobwebs and feel more focused and clear, and strengthen your body and mind. Develop healthy habits that will stay with you and benefit your body and create positive energy.

Weight Loss: Say No to Junk Food

Stop your junk food cravings in their tracks and make healthier food choices. Address your junk food cravings and their triggers, and learn how to deal with them in a healthier way. You can conquer unhealthy eating habits today!

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