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Stop Being a Wimp, Own Your Power Hypnosis

Price: $12.99

Would you like to be more confident and start standing up for yourself? Would you like to stop doubting yourself, stop being timid, and own your true power and potential? It’s time for you to step and be committed to greatness with this hypnosis program, Stop Being a Wimp, Own Your Power from hypnotherapist, Erick Brown.

Stop Being a Wimp, Own Your Power Self-Hypnosis with Subliminal Affirmations will help increase your confidence to be committed and motivated to success and happiness. Stand up for yourself and what you want!
Powerful suggestions for deep relaxation and positive change will be received by your mind, removing self-doubt and negative thinking, creating positive and empowering beliefs that will have you standing up for yourself in no time.

It’s time to boost your confidence and take a stand for what you want today!

This product contains 5 tracks:

Track 1 - Hypnosis Instructions

Track 2 - Stop Being a Wimp, Own Your Power Beach Induction

Track 3 - Stop Being a Wimp, Own Your Power Staircase Induction

Track 4 - Relaxation Music 1

Track 5 - Relaxation Music 2

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