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Improve Your Trumpet Playing Hypnosis

Price: $12.99

Get in the musical zone and learn how to be a better trumpet player. Feel more focused and get connected with your instrument with this hypnosis and guided meditation program!

Erick Brown is a world-renowned hypnotherapist and author who has helped millions of people worldwide. This powerful hypnosis program is designed specifically to help remove self-doubt and limiting beliefs about your musical abilities and help you feel confident and in the zone when it comes to playing the trumpet. Unleash your musical talent now!

This is the perfect program for listeners of any age, no matter your level of hypnosis experience. We recommend listening to this audiobook for 21 days in a row to get the most out of your listening experience. Listen to the induction track, and if you fall asleep, that's okay. This program will work for you whether you are awake or asleep. It's a short, powerful program that will change your life and give you real results.

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