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Regression Therapy to Reframe Your Point of View


Age regression therapy is a hypnosis technique that allows a patient to gain access to childhood memories that may explain certain negative outlooks, self-perceptions, or actions in adulthood. Getting to the root of a problem is often the key to dealing with and solving that problem.

Regression therapy is good for dealing with buried memories of trauma, but it can also deal with more mundane-seeming problems that are still very problematic and have their roots in childhood. For example, say a woman has a very close, very healthy relationship with her father. Her father is, and always has been, a jovial, loud, and boisterous individual.


When she was a little girl, if her father was really angry, at her or anyone else, he got quiet. He would very calmly explain what was wrong. The silent treatment was the worst. Now, without even realizing it, the woman associates quiet and silence with being in trouble. If there’s a lull in conversation, she feels the need to fill it.

The woman was not abused as a child, but she has a very strong, negative association with silence. Regression therapy can help her realize that association and to tell the difference between trouble and a quiet moment that needs no attention. Having worked with her Hypnotherapist, she can recognize when she’s speaking just to fill a space or when she actually has something she needs to say. She can learn, now, to sit comfortably in silence, rather than fidgeting, asking what’s wrong, or chattering away to fill up the space.


The kinds of realizations that come from hypnotherapy and regression therapy are not necessarily like light switches. You don’t flip the switch, realize the root of the problem, and go on your merry way. Once you’ve found the problem, though, you can take time to meditate on it and learn how to solve it.



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