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The Importance of Letting Go

A lot of us carry around baggage from our past that doesn’t serve us anymore. That pain and old feelings weigh on us over time, and hold us back from moving forward. Many would even argue the opinion that stress is stored in the body from these negative feelings and experiences, and can be a root cause of many disease and illnesses.

Today is the day you change that. Today is the day you decide to take action and start healing and letting go of the baggage from your past and present. It can be easier said than done, but when you starting taking action, you’ll start seeing results.

Here are a few suggestions of positive actions you can take to help you let go to heal and live a more purposeful and healthy life. Think of other actions you can take that will serve you.

1.  Write a letter.

If there’s someone from your past (or maybe more than one person) that has hurt you, that you feel is holding you back from moving on, try writing them a letter.. you don’t have to mail it (in fact it may be better to write it and burn it) but the point is that you get to write down everything you’ve ever wanted to say to them.

By writing to this person who has hurt you (or maybe you’ve hurt them), you can get out all those negative feelings you’ve been holding inside. Get those thoughts down on paper.. burn them.. and leave them in the past.

When you’ve gotten out everything you’ve been holding in, you will feel so much better, and have room for positive energy and healing to take place.

2. Meditate.

Much of healing and moving forward is connecting and listening to your body. Taking time out of each day to quiet the noise of the world around you and train your brain to refocus and declutter the mind. The amazing thing about a meditation practice is that you don’t need to spend any money or have an expensive membership! It’s free and at your disposal anytime of the day!

3. Get physical.

Engage in physical activity that is fun for you, whether it’s sports, running, or yoga.. choose an activity that will get you out and get you active. It’s easier to move forward when you keep busy. PLUS.. exercise decreases stress hormones and improves your state of being. And it doesn’t hurt that physical activity will leave you feeling stronger and more confident.

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