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Weight Loss Testimonial – Kris Danielson

Dear Erick,


Since I had my first daughter, my weight has yo-yoed! Eating for comfort had become my ongoing way to deal with stress. I was heavier more often than not, and it was affecting my life in negative ways. It was holding me back from enjoying my family to the fullest. I avoided photos like the plague, which robbed me of precious memories. I remember at one family reunion we stayed in a cabin with my extended family. Someone found some old records and everyone was dancing with their kids except for me. It made me sad. I was missing out on a fun moment with my kids because I was embarrassed about how I looked.


Another weight-related embarrassment came after attending a fund-raiser. Our local newspaper featured an article about the event, which included a photo of my family taken during the festivities. The worst part about seeing that photo was the realization of how heavy I had become! I also knew that being overweight was affecting my health as well. My cholesterol was checked at a health fair and I was told it was high. A follow-up with my physician confirmed this health risk. After that photo in the paper, the high cholesterol, and the desire to be a healthy role model for my daughters, I decided to do something about my weight.


A coworker of mine told me about Erick Brown Hypnosis, and gave me a further insight into what hypnotherapy was all about. I decided to give it a try since I figured I had nothing to loose. After just two weeks I felt like a new person! My relentless struggles with food cravings had practically vanished over night! Not only has my appetite curved significantly, but my confidence is at an all time high. I am currently down two pant sizes and have now scheduled a family portrait for the fall. For anyone that truly knows me, knows this speaks volumes for my progress.


I can’t thank you enough,

Kris Danielson best top australian academic writers

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