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Why Hypnosis Works When You Sleep

EnjoymentThe key to successful hypnosis is entering a state of deep relaxation. Consequently, sleep is one of the ultimate forms of relaxation, as you are no longer totally aware of the pressures and anxieties that plague you while you are awake. Together, the two work to provide the results you are looking for.


Hypnosis is used to make changes in yourself, and the intense relaxation provided opens your mind to the thoughts and suggestions needed to make those changes. By being able to focus on these things at a subconscious level, you can begin to transform your thoughts and behaviors concerning certain problems or issues in your life.


When you fall asleep, even though you are not conscious of it, your mind is still working and receptive. There has been plenty of research conducted on the subject of hypnosis while sleeping, and the results have been very positive. Even during sleep, your mind continues working and processing what is going on around you. In addition, your auditory system continues to work, which is why many people have the experience of outside noises becoming a part of their dreams. For example, most people use an alarm to wake up in the morning. That noise still enters the mind while sleeping, helping you to know that it is time to wake up.


Hypnosis during sleep works in a similar way. Your mind is still hearing and processing information from your surroundings, even though you are not conscious of it. The brain records these things much as it does while you are awake, allowing you to process them later on. Hypnosis still penetrates your subconscious while you are sleeping, helping the positive suggestions and affirmations to enter your subconscious so that they can still provide the beneficial and helpful effects that you experience while awake.

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